Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Why Do You Meme?

Recently, I have been reading numerous posts with people complaining that they don't like the political rants, religious (or non religious) views, celebrity gossip, etc. they see on Facebook and other social networking sites.  I actually like reading some of the above things, because I feel it gives you some insight as to how people think about things that may not come up in everyday conversation.  Some will say everything online is fake and blah blah blah, but we are all entitled to our own opinions.  A number of people have even said they have been deleted or they are deleting certain people who make references regarding any of the above things. SAY WHAT?!


Some of the memes I read are pretty funny - don't get me wrong.  However, if you are a person who uses memes as a form of communication more than any other avenue, please explain the thought process behind that.  I am serious; I really would like to read your thoughts on this.  It is something I have often wondered while perusing my Facebook news feed.

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Here’s why: 
Many memes are passive aggressive or used in a way to demean another person (or group of people) you are upset with or simply don’t agree with, but just don't or won't tell them straight up.  Plus, if you have already told the person (or people), then is the meme just another punch in the gut or a way to bully specific groups?  Either way: It is not nice, people!
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A large number of memes have typos that are so bad, even if the meme is hilarious, I can't “Like” it.  (Please, don’t get all CRAZY.  I make typos, too – but when I realize it, I correct them with the quickness).
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Some memes claim to be “quotes” that the famous person they are quoting never even made.  Go figure, eh?
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So, tell me – Why do you Meme?


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