Friday, July 12, 2013

The Julep Summertime Mystery Box Reveal

A few days ago I received an email from Julep notifying me their Summertime Mystery Boxes were now available.  Being new to Julep, I was curious to find out more about what a mystery box entailed.

Summertime Mystery Box choices

After clicking the link that was included in the email and googling past mystery boxes I came to the conclusion that I wanted one had to have one.  Basically, Julep will guarantee a specific color (in this case, two) and there will be a minimum dollar amount assigned to the box.  Usually, Julep will offer a couple of different boxes and you really won't have any idea what will be in them.  Because of this, nail polish addicts everywhere will commonly order both boxes, often resulting in duplicate polish colors and/or products.  Alas, Julep made it easier for people who want to try it all and not get duplicates.  This time around they gave us three different box choices.  Summer Days, Summer Nights or a combination of Day & Night.  I went with the combo box.  Of course, the bigger box cost a bit more ($39.99) than the individual Day/Night boxes ($24.99), but I was okay with that.  For $39.99 I was guaranteed to receive $125 - $300 retail value of products.  This amount actually becomes a bit less with my Julep Maven discount, but as I am trying to build my Julep collection, I felt like I would still be getting a great value for my money.

As usual, the products came packaged super cute - ready for gift giving if that's your thing. :)  Okay, so what did I get in my "Mystery Box"?  Here are all the details:

Julep Summertime Big Box Version 2

Colors (the tag for Felicity was missing upon arrival)



Product Breakdown:

I have listed the nail colors in the order pictured above.  The descriptions for each product come directly from Julep's website.  Also, as of this post all of these polishes currently retail for $14.00 or $11.20 if you are a Julep Maven Member.

  • Emmanuelle: Sheer warm pale pink crème
  • Raegan:  Electric dark pink crème
  • Nicolette: Opaque french white
  • Monica: Multidimensional pink glitter (Exclusive to the Summertime Boxes)
  • Kyla: Coral orange glitter (Exclusive to the Summertime Boxes)
  • Felicity: Yellow gold metallic chrome
  • Amber: Golden bronze suede
  • Double Duty Makeup Brush: This unique 2-in-1 tool contains two stackable brushes—a large tapered brush for streak-free foundation application and a flat concealer brush that offers precision coverage and control. ($28.00/Maven Price: $22.40)
  • Toe Separators (they do not sell these individually, but I would guesstimate a price of $1.00)
  • Glycolic Hand Scrub Sample: This "facial for hands" packs a 10% glycolic acid punch. Whisk away dirt and oil and reveal noticeably softer and younger looking hands after just one use.  (Since this is a sample size, I will guess $1.00 here, as well)


Price Breakdown:

(7) Julep Polishes =  $98.00 / $78.40
Double Duty Makeup Brush = $28.00 / $22.40
Toe Separators = $1.00
Glycolic Hand Scrub Sample = $1.00

Grand Total Retail / Maven Subscriber Price = $128.00 / $102.80

Even if I purchased these individually at my Maven discounted price, it is still a decent deal.  Would I choose these specific colors?  Probably not, however, I really do like some of them.  There is always the chance I will try the colors I think I don't like and end up loving them (and vice versa).

When I ordered my Summertime Mystery Big Box, I also added a special "add-on" to my Julep order.  I got this sparkly little number for $6.99!


America:  Sterling silver stars with shiny red and royal blue glitter (Currently on sale for $9.99)

So, what do you think?  Would you order a "Mystery Box" and risk getting things you don't really love?  Until I receive duplicates or have a ton of Julep polishes, I am pretty sure I will keep trying my luck.  :)

Would you like to find out what your Julep Maven Style is?  Use this link to access Julep's style quiz and a special offer just for you!

If you did order a Summertime Box, please comment below and feel free to link to your pictures/blog/etc.  I would love to see what you received in yours!


  1. You received a great box!!! I can't wait to get mine. I just followed your blog take a look at my blog and if you like you can follow me. I am also having a few giveaways right now so feel free to enter.

    1. Yes, thanks! I will do the same. :)

    2. I followed, added to Google+ and entered the ecolips giveaway! Wow and thanks :)