Some time ago, the FTC said bloggers must have a disclosure policy of some sort.  Or something.  I recall reading about it somewhere and then bloggers everywhere started adding a "Disclosure" page to their sites.
Alas, here we are.  I guess I may need one.

So, here goes.  GOOGLE??  Ahhh, there you are.  I Googled "blog disclosures" and clicked the third link.  From there, I found this.  One can only hope something written years ago, still applies today.  :/  Anyway, I kind of used the disclosure I found as a template of sorts.  Why?  Because I liked it.  I stopped at using the bulleted format.  I mean, I really, really liked it, but I'm not in the market of plagiarism.  Geez Louise.  (This is sounding less and less professional each second that passes...)

If you are reading my blog or any content on my website, or how about anything I may have put into cyber space ever, then you should assume the following:

It is possible I may make money from things I post on my blog or my site.  At least, I hope this is the case.  Some day.

Some products I write about I purchase myself, while others I receive for free.  I always try and disclose this somewhere within the post.  If, for some reason, I fail to do so, then kindly refer to this disclosure policy.  In addition, if I have received a product for free, it does not mean I will endorse said product.  I offer honest reviews only.  After I have tried, tested and sometimes shared the product with others - only then do I post a review.  That being said, some of my reviews may be "before and afters", which means I may not be able to fully review the product until my second aka "After" post.

Any of your comments, emails, social networking posts, etc. to me may be used in some form or fashion.  Usually, but not limited to, in the form of a quote or a link back to you.

When I use pictures from the web, I ALWAYS try my best to cite the source AND link back to the original source/person/site.  If a link is missing or broken, I apologize.  Please point it out and I will fix it asap.

Anything I post to my blog/website may be used/shared/etc. by you as long as you:
a. link back to the original post and b. do not alter the original content.

If you have any questions, just ask.

As always, thanks for reading.  :)

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