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Hi, Hello & Welcome

Welcome to my blog. I originally thought of creating this some years ago....You see, my friends and family (and sometimes, their friends and family) come to me for advice on everything from computers to what mop they should buy (iRobot's Scooba 380, in case you were wondering). I plan to blog about my opinions, gaming, product reviews and pretty much anything that comes to mind. Happy Reading :)

All About Me, Myself & I.

My name is Angela.

I reside in sunny, Southern California. I enjoy spending time with my son, friends & family, the beach, reading (via my Kindle), technology & gaming.

My all-day, full-time job includes being a mom to an active 8 year-old, a wife, sister, friend, etc. I regularly use Facebook and Twitter, try to work on one of my various crochet projects and (more recently) knit. Did I mention I play Xbox?

For more information, please visit my website: Angee Bee's

My website is hosted through Weebly and I spent way too many hours building my site to re-direct to Blogger.  They do have their own in-house blogging template, however I don't love it and unfortunately there is not a way to embed my Blogger site over there...yet.

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