Monday, August 5, 2013

Julep Maven August "Classic with a Twist" Box

Julep's August Quote of the Month
Last month I became a Julep Maven by joining Julep's nail polish subscription service.  (You can read all about that here).  Since then, I have yet to be disappointed.  Around the 20th of July, I received an email notifying me the upcoming August Maven boxes were available for preview.  I logged into my Julep account and I have to admit - it was a hard decision to pick only one box.  I almost splurged and upgraded my order to the entire "Garden Party Collection".  Since I had purchased Julep's "Summertime Mystery Box" earlier in July, I just couldn't justify spending more money on polish so soon.  I chose the "August Classic with a Twist" box.  That is my style, after all.  Oh, I also added a couple of add-ons to my order.  I mean, who can resist?!

Fast forward to August 1st.  This arrived in my mailbox:

Yes, the mailman actually crammed the entire box into my mailbox and I almost broke a nail trying to pry it out of there!

Close up view of August Maven Box

One thing I must mention is Julep always has the nicest packaging.  They really go all out on making the most of their monthly themes.  My polishes arrived bubble wrapped in tissue paper with a cute ribbon.  (I opened the packaging before I thought to take a picture).  Also, everything is matchy-matchy, which I adore.

August Classic with a Twist Polishes with Add-Ons

Julep August Classic with a Twist Box Breakdown:

The descriptions for each product come directly from Julep's website.
  • Sylvia - Classic with a Twist: Lilac purple crème
  • Veronica - Classic with a Twist: Modern mauve crème
  • Doublestep Foot Treatment and Friction Stick: This no-mess shea butter treatment nourishes and moisturizes feet, stimulates circulation, and prevents blisters.
  • Features & Benefits:
  • Invisible formula creates a barrier between feet and shoes to protect against blisters
  • Shea butter provides immediate and long-lasting hydration
  • Chili pepper oil invigorates skin and stimulates circulation
  • Vitamin E nourishes rough, dry foot skin
  • No parabens, sulfates, or phthalates
  • A packet of Forget Me Not seeds to plant in my garden

My Add-Ons:
  • Bea - Bombshell:  Lemonade crème
  • The Champagne Trio - A limited edition trio celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the Julep Maven Program.
  • Amity (friendship) - Classic with a Twist: White gold metallic
  • Clio (celebration) - Bombshell: Silver, pink, and lavender multi-dimensional glitter
  • Reiko (gratitude) - It Girl: Rose gold metallic

Package Value Breakdown:
(As of this post all of the individual polishes currently retail for $14.00 or $11.20 if you are a Julep Maven Member)

(3) Individual Polishes:  $42.00 / 33.60
Flower Seed Packet: $1.00 (guesstimate)
Champagne Trio (set of 3 polishes):  Normally $42.00, Currently on sale for $20.00
Doublestep Foot Stick: $22.00 / $17.60

Grand Total Retail Value = $107.00 ($85.00 if you factor in the current sale prices)
Maven Subscriber Price (if purchased separately) = $72.20

What I actually Paid
August Box $19.99
Bea Add-On $4.99
Trio Add-On $14.99
Total = $39.97

Overall, I feel like this box is a great value for the money spent.  Also, I like all of the colors.  Especially the glitter polish, "Clio" included in the trio.

Did you purchase a box this month?  What did you get?  Did you love it or hate it?

If you are not already a member and would like to find out what your Julep Maven Style is, use this link to access Julep's style quiz and a special offer just for you.  Use code "FREEBOX" and your first box is free!  You're welcome :)


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