Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Laundry Room Inspiration

Anyone who knows me (I mean actually knows me in real life, not just virtually), knows I am (or at least strive to be) SUPER ORGANIZED.  Slowly, but surely I have been organizing and then re-organizing each of the rooms in our house.  I still have a ton to do (ie linen closet, spare bedroom closets, garage, barn, etc. ~ you get the idea).

My current project is our Laundry Room.  I don't have a ton of options considering our Laundry Room also serves as our "Mud Room", has zero cupboards (only a small shelf) and four (!!) doors: the backdoor and three of those old fashioned wood sliding doors leading to different areas of our house (kitchen, hallway and bathroom).  Ugg.  Here are some photos from the web and Pinterest I am using for inspiration....

I am not loving the rug, but I love all of the white against the dark walls.

White backdrop, dark baskets and pretty jars.  I love how simple this looks.
Great use of not a lot of space.  Love the accent colors.
Dream Laundry Room.  Yes, please!
Organized & Simple :)

I plan on completing our Laundry Room makeover this week.  I have a ton of ideas, one of which utilizes clear glass apothecary-like jars to store my powdered laundry detergent, baking soda, borax and a few other "laundry necessities".  The problem is I need to find some jars that look like these, without the hefty price tag.

PB Classic Glass Canister ($19.00 $44.00)

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Pottery Barn, but this mama is on a budget.  I found some knock-offs online for about $30 including shipping, however I am impatient and want to find some now (see: TODAY).  Also, I worry about the quality of the glass when ordering online.  It is so hard to tell from a picture.  So, it is off to Walmart, Target and Michaels I go.  (Just as soon as my 8-year-old finishes his homework).  :)

I will update this post with before and after pictures as soon as I take them.  Wish me luck!

9/5/12 UPDATE:   Click here to see some before and after pictures of my laundry room so far.

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