Sunday, February 17, 2013

Are all trash cans created equally?

Is a trash can that retails for $179.99 worth it?  That is the question I had to ask myself yesterday while in line at my local Bed, Bath & Beyond.  It is also the question my mom asked when helping me carry this into my house earlier today.

image via Bed Bath & Beyond
If you are asking yourself why one would want such a trash can, here are my reasons (in order of importance).

  •  Trash and Recycling receptacles all in one
  •  Removable bin inserts (making cleaning a breeze)
  •  Silent closing lid
  •  The ability to lock the lid in an open position for extended chores (i.e. cleaning out the fridge)
  • Price
  • Small size of each receptacle (a blue 16-liter aka 4.23 gallons and a black 30-liter aka 7.93 gallons)
  • Inserting the bags properly does take a little more time and getting used to
  • If you want the proper fitting bags, they can be pricey (I am using my regular 13-gallon ones without too much of a problem, fyi)

A little "trash can" background:

I have had this Sterilite 11-Gallon Step On Trash Can for over ten years with zero problems.  It washes well, was less than $15.00, the bag sometimes falls inside of the can and it is white (my fave color).  Alas, I was bored with it.

image via Walmart

My Trashcan Research:

From the beginning, I really wanted the simplehuman trash can, but I could not justify the expense.  Almost $200 for a trash can!?  What was I smoking?  (Disclaimer:  I don't smoke anything).  So instead I headed over to Sam's Club and bought their knock off version.

image via Sam's Club

I mean, it came with two trash cans, was less than $50.00, had the removable insert,  slow closing lid and lock mechanism I so coveted in the simplehuman version.  I though to myself, Why not?   Winning!!  Not so much.  This can broke within the first month.  The lid stopped functioning properly.  I fixed it once and my husband fixed it a second time.  It jams halfway open or closed every other time you try and throw something away.  It is now at the point where it refuses to close even when you press on the lid.  They look great, they just don't work well.  I have dealt with this since August.  AUGUST!!  The mini one works fine, but they are both outside ready to be taken back to Sam's Club (they have a great return policy by the way).

Mama needs her $50.00 back.. Just saying.

I have owned my new trash can less than 24 hours and I am in LOVE.  In love with a garbage can?  Yesssss, yes I am.

I am super excited with my new purchase.  Even more so because I was able to purchase it for a lot less than the retail price.  Here's how:

$179.99 Bed, Bath & Beyond Price
-$36.00 BB&B 20% off coupon
-$50.00 Gift Card I received for Christmas
$93.99 Price I actually paid (before tax)

I realize this is still an astronomical amount to pay for a trash can.  Did I really need it?  Most likely not, but I really wanted to de-clutter my kitchen and not have two separate bins for trash and my Dasani water bottles.

Have you been eyeing one of these, too?  I figure we only live once, so...all you need to do is get yourself a coupon, find a friend willing to give you a gift card and go get yourself one of these bad boys.

As always, thanks for reading.  :)


  1. If purchasing any of these cans you really need to look at the lift/closure mechanism -- if there's an abundance of plastic steer clear. Especially for the large lid ones.

    1. I agree! Also, I am LOVING my simplehuman!