Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sensitive Skin Must Haves: Smooth Legs Edition

Do you love soft, smooth legs and skin?  Well, I do.  Who doesn't, right?  There are numerous products on the market that promise you the closest, smoothest shave and some may deliver.  Most, however, do not.  Many of my girlfriends prefer to use their husband/boyfriend/guy friends razors.  This mama, does not. 

When I want to treat myself to a spa-day without the spa price tag, I do these four simple things:

1.  Scrub
Before stepping into the shower, I use a body scrub.  I turn on the shower, so it will be nice and steamy and I use this scrub.  I use it everywhere (except on my face, of course).  It smells AMAZING in the shower (think eucalyptus) and leaves absolutely zero scent on my skin.  This, I love.  A little goes a long way.  Once you are done scrubbing all of your dead skin off (ew), rinse thoroughly.  As in, all of your nooks and crannies.  This is a salt scrub, not a sugar scrub. So, be sure to use this PRIOR to shaving.  Not after.  Or you will be in for a painful surprise.

US $24.00

2.  Cleanse
Body washes come in many different formulas.  Don't worry about those.  Try this one.  It is THE. BEST.  It is so awesome, even my 8-year-old son begs to use it!  It smells like cake batter, but ONLY while you are in the shower - it leaves no scent on your skin after rinsing.  How awesome is that?  Maybe some of you like smelling like a bakery, alas I do not.
I digress .
This product, in combination with step 1, will give you the closest shave ever.  I swear by it.  True Blue Spa offers a product specific to shaving, but the scent kills me and I love this one more.  So, there.  Even if you hate it, you can return it - Bath  Body Works has one of the best return policies around.

3.  Shave
 This is the best razor evaaaaa.  No, seriously. It is.  I have never experienced a closer shave in my life.  Also, it works wonders on my sensitive skin.  No bumps, nicks or cuts.  Used in conjunction with the above shower cream, you will get the most out of this razor.  The only con regarding this product is the price.  The refills are super pricey unless you get them at Costco.  They have the best price I have found so far.  Sometimes, the package even includes the Gillette Shave gel.  Throw that away.  You won't ever need it.  :)  Just kidding, give it to your sister.

(Fair to say, I have also used this razor with other shower creams/shave creams/gels with a similar effect, however nothing beats my 4-step process.  Just saying.)
Gillette Venus Embrace Razor
Approx. US $10.00 (includes one razor and two cartridges.  It even comes with an "In-shower razor holder" that suction cups to your shower wall for ease of use.  Can we say, Awesome?!

(Bargain hunters:  I checked the Gillette website and found this gem:
A $3.00 off coupon.  Okaaaayy!  Now we are shopping!)

4.  Moisturize
 Not all body creams are created equal and this one sets the standard to ruin all other body creams for you.  Not only is it fragrance-free, but it also has shea butter in it, so it is ultra-rich.  At first, it may seem a bit greasy - but it is thicker than most creams and you only need a small amount.  I usually squeeze a nickel sized amount onto my palm and then rub it between both of my hands - this will help it spread more easily once  you apply it to your body.  I do this as soon as I get out of the shower, after drying off, but before getting dressed.  Who am I kidding?  I roam my house in the nude all day.  Pffft.

US $15.00
If you don't experience the softest, smoothest skin after using these four products, tell me what you do use to get a spa-like feeling at home.  I will go and buy it immediately to try.  No joke.  Well, unless it is like a trillion dollars.  Mama can't be affording all of that!

I understand the price of some of these items may seem a little steep, but trust me.  I always find a deal.  For example, a few times a year Bath & Body Works has a sale on their True Blue Spa line and believe it or not these products can be found for buy 2 get 1 free.  (Uhm, like as in right now.  I just checked).  You just have to pay attention.  Oh, and stock up!  I usually buy about $150 dollars worth every year.

By the way, if you are asking yourself, "Does this chick work for B&BW?!", the answer is no.  I can't even use most of their products without having a reaction - including the candles, because of my sensitivity issues.  I received the body scrub as a gift years ago and have been hooked on these three products since.
(I also do my own spa mani & pedi at home, too...maybe I will write a post on that later).

As always, thanks for reading and please share this with your friends and feel free to leave a comment.  :)

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